Hanging your art

Hanging your art

What does framed artwork mean to you? Is it an extension of yourself? Does it beautifies its surroundings? Is it a whilm? These questions are endless, however there’s one that always lingers on the back of our heads: where am I gonna hang this? There is no wrong...

How to choose a mat board

Once you wake up and face the mirror, ready to start the day, one of our first decisions is: what am I wearing? So many options: tees, shirts, jackets, jeans, pants, shorts, socks, shoes, colors, patterns… The list goes on and on. It is a calculated process balancing...
About authenticity

About authenticity

Early Roman Christian art was made during the 3rd century to preach selected Bible passages to those who couldn’t read. Enormous murals and stained glasses were put in churches portraying the life of Christ. The treachery of images, one of Magritte’s most famous...

Cleaning glass

How do you clean a glass display? Most of us apply the cleaning spray to the glass and carefully wipe over it with a flannel. Any dirt, dust, and/or scratch provoked by the environment is a thing of the past. We feel satisfied because of the following reasons: The...

Rethinking frames

Discovering new possibilities… Interior of Lavinia’s Framing. When we think about framing, maybe the first thing that comes to mind is having artwork or a photograph inside a frame. Pieces made on paper: flat, bidimensional. How much art, memories,...

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