What does framed artwork mean to you? Is it an extension of yourself? Does it beautifies its surroundings? Is it a whilm? These questions are endless, however there’s one that always lingers on the back of our heads: where am I gonna hang this? There is no wrong answer to it, but still we spend a hefty amount of time weighing our options until we make what we think is the right decision; or better said, THE decision.

Whenever you considering where to hang your artwork space and its relationship with all surroundings is the number one priority (are there more paintings around, height, humidity, light, etc.). Once these doubts are cleared you will probably be ready to take a couple of nails and a hammer to finish the job. With a bit of luck you may only need a single nail; depending on the piece’s dimensions. Pretty straight forward… right? 

This is the most typical way to mount our art to a wall, and even though it is pretty effective maybe it is not the best solution. Whenever we hammer any surface there’s a big chance it starts cracking, making it a perfect spot for insects to breed and/or accumulate humidity. If you need to use two nails there’s a risk of not having them on a straight line, resulting in:

  1. Unaligned artwork
  2. Higher risks of falling off the wall
  3. Damaging the framing’s ironwork or the frame itself
  4. Having to pierce the wall all over again

Simply impractical, isn’t it? Fortunately there’s lots of options to hang our art.

Our European hanging system is a practical solution. It consists of a small railway installed to the roof that contains thin wires which are used to adjust the height of the artwork being hanged. The advantage of this mechanism is its versatility, support and safety

  1. It can sustain artwork coming in any size
  2. Prevents any damage to the wall from the frame’s ironwork
  3. Allows you to display the piece by hanging it still in the air
  4. Discrete installation
  5. Height can be easily adjusted
  6. Simpler to keep artwork aligned 

It improves the way you hang your art by amplifying the possibilities. It is a great way to help you mount a painting while considering the needs and wishes of whoever owns the piece, the audience, the space and the artwork itself. We would like to invite you to our workshop to know more about our European hanging system.


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