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We are a Mexican company that wants to offer diverse products that will help you diversify and enrich your creative offer; whether to decorate, exhibit or frame, we are the best. With more than 30 years of experience, we make this possible from our workshop in San Miguel de Allende. We carry our secrets of assembly of work, to an extensive variety of clients; from homes, hotels, restaurants, expos, museums, galleries and any other place where the imagination takes us. We know that each project is unique.


Most of our products are imported, some of them are only sold on request. For this reason, you must know our availability and existence at the time of your quote.

Before quoting, please read this complete information.

  • Take into account the weight and volume of your work. The degree of resistance will be critical for the selection of the best material; as well as the final appearance you want to bring. We will send you a small form that we ask you to fill out and we can give you our best opinion about your project.
  • Have at hand features of the space: shape of the wall, dimensions, heights, type of surface (smooth or rough), restrictions (typical of historic buildings and protected by INAH) and wall materials. In case of roof installation, consider the same characteristics.

For your convenience, we have two specialized consultants: Alejandra Treviño and / or Felipe Miranda who will guide you during the process of selection, quotation and delivery of your order in English or Spanish.

Alejandra Treviño      ale.trevino@laviniasartframes.com                (521) 81-1516-7398

Felipe Miranda           felipe.miranda@laviniasartframes.com         (521) 473-122-4353

Your purchase in 7 steps

1. Fill out the form to make the product selection.
You can request your quote online on our website, www.laviniaframing.com, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can request telephone assistance by asking for any of our advisors at (415) 121 80 32, Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM. You can also contact us by email, through the address, laviniasframingweb@laviniasartframes.com or in person at our facilities in Refugio Sur Street # 35 Colonia San Antonio, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, at a time of 10:00 AM at 1:00 PM Monday through Friday and Saturdays from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM.

2. Request for quotation and variation of prices.
Fill out the form and carefully review your selection.
If you still have questions, you can contact us. Once your request is received, we will verify the existence of your order.
You will receive the quote for those that are available and of those that we should import, where the delivery times will be indicated that can vary between 4 and 5 weeks counted from the date of its deposit or immediate delivery if we have in stock .
* Our prices are quoted in dollars and have tax included (the amount will be adjusted on the day of your payment according to the exchange rate)
* The validity of your quote is 15 calendar days.
The total price of the order includes: the price of the product at the time of purchase plus applicable taxes and shipping charges.
Vive Con S.A. of C.V. reserves the right to change the prices for products shown on our page at any time, but will respect the prices of the orders that have been made prior to the change. Prices may vary according to the sales channel (store, internet, promotions.)

3. Personal Help.
We ask you to keep your quote handy since the number of it will serve to give you a better service during the following steps and the comparison of your merchandise.
At this point it will be essential that you have planned where you want to receive your order, days and hours of reception, the name of the responsible person and cell number of that person in charge. You must keep in mind for our categories of glass, hanging system, cardboard and ironwork, which we can only deliver on Thursday of each week in the city of Mexico and metropolitan area with our own vehicles.
Some projects require specialized installation and / or project supervision. Therefore we can offer this service in a separate quote. (Ask your advisor)

4. Quotation and availability.

With the above information we will send you the quotation of your shipment that will be added to your invoice. If it is about glass, we will send it to you through Zoo-ma-lo (company specialized in art management) to Mexico City, metropolitan area and bajío.
If it is about other products, they will be quoted through Express Package, DHL, Estafeta and Fedex with the restrictions of coverage of the company itself. It is our recommendation for you to always insure your merchandise, taking into account that Vive Con S.A. of C.V. is not responsible for your merchandise once you leave the warehouse, you will have to go to the transport company assigned to follow up on your shipment.

5. Order with purchase order.

Once you agree with your quote, you must send us the corresponding Purchase Order with the signature of the person responsible for the order. If you do not have purchase orders in your company; we ask you to sign the quote and send it electronically with the caption: “I authorize this quote for the order and the department to which it belongs within your company” or the legend “residential use” .

6. Payments.

Our website does NOT accept payments, it is just an order quote. All payments must be made with the Accounting department with attention to Anaí Licea admon@laviniasartframes.com. Make sure you have your order number and / or customer number in your mails and payments.

Credit, debit, check, deposit or bank transfer are accepted (you should only consider the time it takes for the check to be made). Your order will be processed except for good collection in favor of:

Dirección: Refugio Sur 35, Colonia San Antonio, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, C.P.37750, México.
Cuenta bancaria Bancomer No. 0110698733
CLABE de transferencia: 012680001106987337

Tax Bill and Shipping.

You must send complete fiscal data and confirmation of payment of 100% of your invoice to the following email admon@laviniasartframes.com with a copy to laviniasframingweb@laviniasartframes.com referring to your quote number with legend and order purchase of your company to start the logistics process, clarifying the address of receipt of the merchandise. It is essential to have your billing information within the calendar month that made your payment. Once the month is over, the invoice can not be made in favor of your company and therefore it will be invoiced to the general public as the law indicates.

LEGAL NOTICE: Take into account that we will not be able to adjust the shipping address once your package leaves. our warehouse. We remind you to keep in mind the information of the receipt of merchandise indicated in step 3.

Conditions of shipment and processing of orders:

– The delivery of the goods will be made in an estimated period of 3 to 5 business days from Monday to Friday, leaving Subject to product availability, payment confirmation time and warehouse processing time and packaging.

– Orders placed on weekends or holidays will begin with the shipment processing on the next business day, starting from 10:00 AM and until 6:00 PM, Mexico City time.

– Unanticipated changes in the supply may affect the availability of the product.

– A guide or more is used per shipment depending on the weight.

– Maximum weight: 70 kg per boarding guide.

– Maximum size: 3.5 m long

– Consult the conditions to make effective the guarantee of delivery in the pages of the shipping providers: www.dhl.com.mx, www.estafeta.com, www.fedex.com.mx, www.paquetexpress.com, www.zoomalo.com. Subjects to changes without previous notice.

Once your shipment is confirmed you will receive electronic notification that will conform to your instructions from step 3. Ready! If everything is in order; Your order is now coming.


Vive Con S.A. of C.V. The estimated time of receipt of your product is reserved for those products for which we do not have an existence. So despite calculating between 4 and 5 weeks, they may vary but you will be informed of the status of your product in storage to proceed with the corresponding shipment .. In case of any natural or social disaster, bad weather or political problem; The shipping period can be up to 40 business days. In case of environmental contingency or overload of work in the messaging services for promotional dates such as Good End, HotSale, etc. the delivery time may take longer than normal (variable). Vive Con S.A. of C.V. reserves the right to discontinue products.


Vive Con S.A. of C.V. is not responsible for typographical errors in the address that the merchandise will be delivered and reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of sale at any time, but will respect the terms and conditions of the orders that have been made prior to the change. All sales of Vive Con S.A. of C.V. are governed by the laws in Mexico, without giving effect to provisions on conflicts of laws and any constroversy will be settled by the competent courts located in Mexico.

No employee or agent of Vive Con S.A. of C.V. has the authority to vary the policies or the terms and conditions that govern any sale; as well as receiving partial or total payments on your order. We hope this information will be useful during the process and facilitate your pleasant shopping experience.

Any comments, questions or suggestions will be welcome with our Manager Ramon Rojas ramon.rojas@laviniasartframes.com para escucharle.

Lavina Ruiz M.

General Direction


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