Hanging System Specifications and Details

Lavinia’s Framing presents the hanging system “EURO-HANG”®. The most complete, flexible and clean system that has had so much success in Europe with its 3 simple components:

Aluminum tracking: that mounts on the wall with SUPER CLIPS. (available in white and silver in matte finishes)

A line system: that allows for effortless horizontal positioning and may be inserted in the channel at any point with the “EXPRESS BAR” through the Sliding “EXPRESS” RAIL-HANGERS or manually from the sides with the fully concealed “PLUS” RAIL-HANGER. Lines available in Transparent Perlon Nylon Cord, Chromed Steel Rod and Stainless Steel Wire.

Sliding hooks: for vertical adjustment and support. Tool-free gripping MANUAL RING-HOOK, Allen Wrench locking “SCREW PLUS” HOOK and the AUTOMATIC push-button HOOK.

  •  Preserves the value and the integrity of any property. No more holes, cracks and damages. Forget about patching, filling and matching colors and textures.
  • No need for hammering and nailing. It can be installed by anyone with only a drill and screw driver without having to use any tools afterwards.
  • Allows for infinite variables in your decor. Give yourself the freedom to change how you want to exhibit something. “The sky is the limit”. Multiply, chance, slide, move it up or down, put on and remove at your own pleasure.


Our products can be installed easily, even by you! We also have a specialized team for facilities based in San Miguel de Allende with possibility of travel depending on the location and scope of the project, there are some restrictions with few materials, please check with our experts on more information about this. We have expert contractors available to install throughout the Mexican Republic too. This service is quoted seperately. Ask for a quote!

STAR Guide

SG Support


Guide Rail Plus slideable

Automatic Hook (ATM)

Express Cane

Express Rail Guide Pin

Super Clip

The new concepts of marketing and the ways of exhibiting a product, idea or service, bring new challenges. This system provides you new solutions that offer better performance with a smallest size possible, looking for versatility and aesthetics.

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