Cleaning glass

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How do you clean a glass display? Most of us apply the cleaning spray to the glass and carefully wipe over it with a flannel. Any dirt, dust, and/or scratch provoked by the environment is a thing of the past. We feel satisfied because of the following reasons:

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  1. The image inside the frames looks crystal clear.
  2. After postponing it for way too long, we’ve cleaned the glass.
  3. Just look how nice it looks!
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The maintenance of artwork is essential for its protection and presentation. We applaud the goodwill of those whom clean their pieces; thanks to this your giving it more life. It looks better and will stand for much longer. Today we want to share a few tips on how to clean your crystal display the right way.

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“Hold on, what do you mean with ‘clean the glass  correctly’?”. The problem with spraying directly onto the glass when the work is hung to the wall has a very simple explanation: The liquid  drips down. At first glance seems insignificant, but the possible consequences can be enormous. When liquid runs down onto mouldings,will be absorbed by the matting  and may even deform the whole structure of the frame.

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The accumulation of humidity in the corners of the work is another major threat. This can create a propitious environment for fungus and insects. This can seriously harm matboards and the artwork! Some signs may be moisture, color spots, discoloration over the matboard or the piece itself.

Fortunately, in most cases, any damage done can be fixed. But why risk it? To effectively clean your framed work, there’s people who dismount their piece, place it over a horizontal flat surface and apply the cleaning spray on the crystal display. Although this is a great and safe way to clean it, we can do better:

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We spray some cleaning solution on the flannel and we’re set to go. Not only are we preventing the humactation of all the different parts of the piece but you’ll also save time dismounting it from the wall. This type of care is very important, and we do it to protect and display our artwork. If you happen to have any framed work protected with Tru Vue glass display avoid utilising common crystal cleaners; these have chemicals that may be harmful for the anti reflection and UV protection layers. Having these precautions can make a difference. Anyday you have doubts regarding preventive measures to preserve your piece, ask your local framer!


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