How to choose a mat board

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Once you wake up and face the mirror, ready to start the day, one of our first decisions is: what am I wearing? So many options: tees, shirts, jackets, jeans, pants, shorts, socks, shoes, colors, patterns… The list goes on and on. It is a calculated process balancing commodity, the occasion, just to solve an easy question: how am I going to look? So simple yet complicated. It goes beyond a matter of esthetics, we are dealing with feeling confident.

 How do you choose the right mat board?

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The options complement each other: measurements, commodity, presentation, colors, patterns… Let us not point out the obvious. Even though it is important to remind ourselves how the material of the mat board is (assuring it’s free from acidic agents), what’s crucial to make the right decision lies in the artwork itself. What does it communicate? Think of the piece as an extension of us.

What you want to wear = how you want to dress your art

Knowing your physique it is much easier to understand what types of clothing match best with your body type. The same goes for framed artwork; by recognising the characteristics of an art piece it is simpler to choose the elements necessary to frame it.


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A client brought this charcoal drawing from Dr. Atl. Saddened by how the white mat board stole all the attention from the piece, that plus the tarnished glass it dimmed the artwork. To enhance it we oughted to change the mat board for a gray one, and add an Ultra Vue glass. Thanks to this slight changes the drawing’s display was improved.

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It is a matter of understanding each piece, recognizing each element from its composition and how the artwork is the priority. We can display it in countless manners, but the best option will be that which enhances and embraces the identity of the artwork.

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