“Popotillo”, an art that remains

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“Popotillo” is an old prehispanic technique used to make art. It consists of creating colorful images by using the natural fibers of “mijo” over any design. This fibers go through different coloring processes, and are glued to a base using beeswax or Campeche wax. The variety of designs and colors are intricate, complex and require a lot of precision from the artist to make these unbelievable images with an old technique inherited by their ancestors that are still preserved to this day. Lavinia’s Art Framing has framed very few pieces made with this technique. In fact, it was a big surprise for us to receive one artwork in particular, and dazzled us with its beauty. “We sweared popotillo was dead” were the words from Lavinia, who has a vast knowledge in popular Mexican art.

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From there we were intrigued to know more about the origins and shed light to this beautiful story. It all begins with a woman whom, as many others, struggled with daily necessities, but oughted to use her hands, talent and memory from what her eyes saw as a child.

Thanks to this artistic memory, she was able to sustain her family and made this technique gain recognition. It’s an invitation to the hands of those who barry this knowledge to  reproduce known artworks, and create their own designs; same of which which we’re very proud to share for the delightment of everyone.

It’s at San Juan Teotihuacán in State of Mexico where this technique is being reinterpreted by Joaquín Ariosto and Jesús Pérez under the name of Mijo Art. At Lavinia’s Art Framing we like to support art in any of its expressions. Don’t you ever doubt contacting this two very talented artists at mijosartsanias@gmail.com. They take this technique to the next level; as seen in the photographs we proudly share with you today.

With great pleasure we discovered many workshops at Casa de Cultura near by Teotihuacán where they teach this technique.

We’d like to express all of our gratitude towards our dear friend Miguel Melgarejo who gave us the tools necessary to tell this story and access to these beautiful artworks alongside with their talented authors.

By: Emma García Madrid

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  1. I am amazed at this talent. Such beauty taken to create artwork. Thank you fir this info i never knew what this was until today. Popotillo is a new wirk to my langyage beautiful how can i buy small prints

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