Rethinking frames

Discovering new possibilities…

Interior of Lavinia’s Framing.

When we think about framing, maybe the first thing that comes to mind is having artwork or a photograph inside a frame. Pieces made on paper: flat, bidimensional. How much art, memories, documents, achievements haven’t been created or registered on this format? Years will pass by and this, surely, will continue. That’s why we seek to guarantee the preservation of these portals to the past; taking us to the mere exact day when we faced that painting, a landscape, relive that moment. We dress our walls with the past.

What if that wasn’t the only way to preserve a memory?

Lavinia’s staff framing artwork in the workshop.

It may come off a bit unusual, but we can take it further. Clothing, blueprints, installations, objects. Any physical medium can be conserved. And why not? There’s uniforms that makes us think of our past, days of glory, favorite utensils, objects that evoke a warmth sensation on our chest, great installations that remind us of yesterday’s not with nostalgia but with its own inventiveness.

The possibilities of framing should not be limited by conventional methods/techniques. The preservation of any artwork goes beyond its moldings, matt boards or the glass display; it’s about how we present it. Plexiglass boxes, acrylic works, embroideries. It doesn’t matter the kind of object , let it be uniforms, gloves, cutlery, kites, sport balls; we’ve come far enough. The only thing important here is the relationship between you and the piece.

Think about the meaning and value, on individual or collective planes, of the object and plan how should it be displayed and preserved. Let’s dignify the space these articles inhabit, let it be our homes, the walls, galleries, museums, interiors or exteriors. There’s much more to frame than paintings or photographs, the variety of options is much wider.

Examples of frames

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