San Miguel's #1

Professional Framers

30+ years of quality framing and so much more. Come join our extensive history in this beautiful town.
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Long-lasting quality to travel far into your future with you

Professional Framing

Your pieces are handled with the utmost care & precision. Every quality of framing option is available for your project.


Your valuable work can see a second lifetime with our exquisite restoration practices. What piece needs a refresh? We got you.

Much more...

Mirrors, plexi boxes, installation, shipping & delivery - the list is nearly endless. You'll find unique artwork here, too. Come inside!


What clients are saying

I've worked with Lavinia's Framing for many years here in San Miguel. They've framed my paintings & prints to specifications with utmost care & professionalism.
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Edgar Soberon
Lavinia's is like Santa's workshop for artists.
Anado McLauchlin
Artist, USA
You're the frame shop from heaven!
Photographer, New Orleans
You have exceeded my expectations
Lynn Gleason
Painter, New Orleans
Hired by Queen Elizabeth &
the Sultan of Oman


What does 30+ years of experience mean for you?

You receive exquisite service. From start to finish, your project is handled with professional care. We are trusted with huge-scale projects (museums and hotels). This means we’re accustomed to curating high quality work on a small scale too. 

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Need a quote? Curious about custom orders? Wonder if we have a particular kind of glass or other material? Want to know how long a project will take? Send us a message today. We’re happy to guide you.