About us

30+ Years of Professional Framing in San Miguel de Allende, GTO

"Lavinia's is like Santa's Workshop for artists." - Anado McLauchlin

At Lavinia’s Framing, only the best quality conservation products are used, ensuring the highest quality of work. You receive a personalized experience, because your project is special to us. 

Each team member at Lavinia’s Framing specializes in a specific aspect of custom frame production – acrylic boxes, protection of work, restoration, conservation, and more.

Lavinia herself has more than 30 years of experience framing in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, which is an important art center in Central Mexico. Her innate gift and sensitivity for choosing the ideal presentation to enhance the simplest piece allows you to, “Rediscover Your Art.”

Our Mission

“Rediscover Your Art”

We breathe, eat, and sleep art. Your expression – via creation or curation – makes our world go ’round. You bring color to this life. If we can get you excited about art, that’s our ultimate mission.

Our Values

Quality precision. Museum perfection. We go beyond framing. We value sending you home with something you will enjoy living with for many years to come. We value honoring art in traditional and modern forms. Thanks for choosing us.

We're professional artists who love working with YOUR art.