Una historia que merece ser contada

Como asesora de empresas, tengo la oportunidad de colaborar con diversos modelos de negocio en una de las instituciones educativas más prestigiadas del país. A pesar de que por mis manos pasan múltiples proyectos, debo admitir que no soy consciente de los detalles finos de muchos ellos. Mi relación con Lavinia comienza por la amistad. …

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Las Vegas 2019

Lavinia´s Framing – West Coast Art & Frame Expo 2019

Welcome to Las Vegas It was the opportunity to shake hands with our suppliers of the best lines of materials, meet those who come for the first time to the event and exchange experiences with professionals in this industry from around the world. Style &Trends The beautiful moldings with Gold and Silver finishes were highlighted. …

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“Popotillo”, an art that remains

“Popotillo” is an old prehispanic technique used to make art. It consists of creating colorful images by using the natural fibers of “mijo” over any design. This fibers go through different coloring processes, and are glued to a base using beeswax or Campeche wax. The variety of designs and colors are intricate, complex and require a lot of precision from the artist to make these unbelievable images with an old technique inherited by their ancestors that are still preserved to this day.