Star Hanging System

Introducing the “STAR” system

Exclusively for the Americas, Lavinia’s Framing brings you the “STAR” Hanging System, the most complete, flexible and clean system that has had success all over Europe with three simple components:

  • Aluminum Tracking that mounts to the wall with SUPER CLIPS (White Enamel and Anodized Matte finishes)
  • A LINE SYSTEM that allows for effortless horizontal positioning and may be inserted in the channel at any point with the “EXPRESS BAR” through the Sliding “EXPRESS” RAIL-HANGERS or manually from the sides with the fully concealed “PLUS” RAIL-HANGER. Lines available in Transparent Person Nylon Cord, Chromed Steel Rod and Stainless Steel Wire. 
  • SLIDING HOOKS for vertical adjustment and support. Tool-free gripping MANUAL RING-HOOK, Allen Wrench locking “SCREW PLUS” HOOK and the AUTOMATIC push-button HOOK. 

The “STAR” Advantage!

  • Preserve the value and integrity of your walls. No more holes, cracks and flaws. Forget the patching, filling and matching colors and textures. 
  • No need for hammering and nailing. Once installed no more bloody, swollen fingers again. It can be installed by any one with only a drill and a screwdriver without having to hassle with tools afterwards. 
  • Allows for infinite variables in your decor. You don’t have to keep your walls the same all year round! Give yourself the freedom to change your views; Seasonally, for the themed parties or special events….”The ceiling is the limit”. Multiply, swap, slide it up and down, take it on and off at will!

Find the system parts below or contact us to get a quote.